La Gioconda

“The best of the cast was the Chinese soprano Hui He in the title character of La Gioconda. This is a character that requires a dramatic soprano, especially in the fourth act and the Chinese did it really well. The voice is attractive, has sufficient and performs well on stage. She solved really well also the very demanding aria “Suicidio”, for which some very important low notes are needed.” José M. Irurzun, Beckmesser & Seen and Heard International (La Gioconda at the Berlin Deutsche Oper, 2014)

“Without a doubt, the great protagonist of the opera was the soprano Hui He who enchanted the theater audience with his warm, soft and powerful voice. Furthermore, the soprano was not only thrilled by her technical and musical expertise, but also by a not indifferent scenic mastery and charisma that made her character true.” Pia Lombardi, Ieri Oggi Domani Opera (La Gioconda at the Berlin Deutsche Oper, 2018)

“We also discover with pleasure the astonishing and carnal Chinese Hui He in the title-role.” Stéphane Renard, L’Echo (La Gioconda at La Monnaie de Bruxelles, 2019)

“the protagonists do an excellent job, starting with the remarkable Gioconda by Chinese soprano Hui He, a huge voice and credible actress.” Patrice Lieberman, Beckmesser (La Gioconda at La Monnaie de Bruxelles, 2019)

“Hui He is quite an old-fashioned, non-naturalistic performer and this was a strength in a role like Gioconda, she had the power for the big moments and yet tenderness too. This Gioconda was no ballad singer, but an opera star (her first entrance was in Tosca’s costume), and throughout the piece, it was Hui He’s strength of personality and confidence in the melodrama which held our attention. She made us suspend disbelief in the romantic plot, and was by turns fierce and tender, with a superb account of ‘Suicidio!’ at the opening of Act Four.” Planet Hugill (La Gioconda at La Monnaie de Bruxelles, 2019)

“Hui He arrives on the stage, and she will liberate herself gradually and impresses the duo from the moment, surly in all points and balanced, facing a Laura as combative as she is, especially as the timbres of the two singers blend perfectly. She will arrive, transfigured, at the end of an opera that she carries powerfully on her shoulders. Her ample, warm voice, sumptuous bass and sharp highs make her one of the great sopranos dedicated to this repertoire today.” Paul Fourier, TouteLaCulture (La Gioconda at La Monnaie de Bruxelles, 2019)

“Hui He had already sung La Gioconda at the DO, she was immediately in her element and in the second act had a passionate and beautiful duel with the rival for Enzo’s love. One of the highlights of the evening was her “Suicidio”, which, supported by an equally committed and passionately contributing orchestra, gave the listener goose bumps.” Ingrid Wanja, Der Opernfreund (La Gioconda at the Berlin Deutsche Oper, 2020)


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