“Playing the title role the Chinese soprano Hui He who reveals herself as the best performer of the evening, especially in the intense Tu, tu, piccolo Iddio”

Giacomo Gambassi, Avvenire

”Hui He, the best performer of the evening, gave her heart and soul to the words of Cio Cio-San, interspersed by the Humming Chorus. The soprano floats her voice such as few colleagues know how to do that. Thanks to this characteristic and her super-refined technique put at service to the expression, she portrayed a picture of brilliant and glazed colors, that If we are allowed to use this oxymoron, they assumed material lightness in a difficult space as the Roman amphitheater, where the artist collects a personal and continuative success for 16 years. If “Un bel dì vedremo” resonated vibrant, hopefull and full of tenacious love to him that abbandoned her, in “Tu, tu piccolo Iddio” Hui He touches tops of dramaticity, of interior solitude enlightened by an other type of love, this time an absolute love for her son.”

Maria Luisa Abate, DeArtes

“Hui He, who in recent years has done of Cio Cio-San one of her signature roles, she once again stands out for the intensity of the accents, the identification in the character both in the lyrical “Un bel dì vedremo”, and in the final scene “Tu, tu, piccolo Iddio” where she is astonishing.”

Sara Feliciello, Ieri, Oggi, Domani, Opera